Case Studies

scarborough sunrise

Case Studies of recent work (logo and graphic design, photography, website design and illustration projects):

Peter Edwards – Portrait Artist – Website Design

Peter Edwards has been a long standing client of mine going back to 2004. Since then his site has been renewed a number of times and this is the latest version at – may I wish you all the success the future holds. You should look him up on the National Portrait Gallery Website!

peter edwards website portrait artist national portrait gallery
peter edwards website portrait artist national portrait gallery
peter edwards website portrait artist national portrait gallery

The Rainbow Centre – Website Design 2021 and Leaflet (design only)

This local charity called me in to update their existing website design and also take some new photography with a view to creating a new brochure design. Here is the result below. I created a host of new graphics for the site in the design process. Also, the website looks just as good in mobile friendly mode as shown below –

the rainbow centre website design the rainbow centre website design the rainbow centre website design the rainbow centre website design

Spital Farm Camping Site, Staxton, Scarborough – Website, Graphic Design & Printing Services

A returning client for 2021. I will now be maintaining their website again as well as continuing to provide a printing service for the business as they require it. From booking slips to site maps, I have it all covered. Their website that I have re-designed again is here. They love the results!

spital farm camping site website screenshot 2spital farm camping site website screenshot 1

spital farm leisure sitemap graphic design scarborough website design

Whitby Underground CIC – Logo Design/ Branding and Documentation

Whitby Underground is a counselling service for younger people based in Whitby. They cover the whole of the Scarborough Borough and offer a brilliant service to the community. They wanted me to design a logo and create a number of documents so they had a professional looking set. This is the final logo design I created showing the Borough as an underground map.

whitby undergound logo design

SJ Roofing – Logo Design

The business owner contacted me in reagrds to creating a new company logo from a concept that he had come up with. This is the final outcome and he was really pleased with it. They specialise in traditional roofing. Love it! Enjoyed the challenge.

sj roofing logo design

Circular Coast Clothing – Logo Design

I was instructed to come up with a logo for a new local venture in the Scarborough area and settled on a life bouy design. Simple but effective.

circular coast clothing fashion logo design scarborough

What is Circular Coast Clothing all about? – Circular fashion means designing out of waste, its re-routing of the traditional ‘cradle to grave’ journey for pieces of clothing, shoes or accessories. 

Most fashion products are made from new textiles, sold, worn, discarded and eventually to landfill.

Circular fashion can be defined as clothes, shoes or accessories that are designed, sourced, produced and provided with the intention to be used and circulated responsibly and effectively for as long as possible. (think scrap store for material!)

Circular coast Clothing is a restoration, re-invention and quality clothing boutique but will eventually become a material scrap store.

AEON COVE – Logo Design

I absolutely love how this logo turned out. All the very best to Liza at Aeon Cove in her new venture and clothing brand. Watch out for its full launch in the coming months. Scarborough area.

aeon cove logo design

JR Bars Ltd – Logo Design

I was asked to create a logo for this holding company based in Scarborough. It is the umbrella for 3 bars they currently own and as you will see below I have created their logos as well – The Hole in the Wall, Mist and Vibe. The idea of this was that each bar was represented by animals that they chose. I think the outcome gives off a strong and bold vibe.

case studies, JR Bars Ltd logo design

JR Bars Ltd Logo

The Lysander Hotel, Scarborough – Website, Graphic Design 

This lovely little local hotel took advantage of my special covid offer to have a fresh website created to showcase their business. It is something that will be built on in time as things get back to normal.

The Lysander Hotel is perfectly placed for a Family holiday whilst also being ideal for a relaxing “Break for Couples”, being located within a few minutes’ walk from the North Bay beach.

To view their website visit

lysander hotel website lysander hotel website

Mount Park Legal – Website & Logo Design

Another client who has taken up my outstanding Covid Package for new businesses to help them get off the ground with a professional look. Owls were chosen for the logo as I thought it showed the wisdom that over 20 years experience deserves. It is a really good outcome and the colours compliment each other well. The website can be viewed here.

mount park legal Scarborough logo

Mount Park Legal Website

Home Comfort Podiatry – Website & Graphic Design

I was contacted by Hester in regards to my special offer to create a new website design for the business as well as re-drawing the existing logo and placing it on stationery items. You can take a look at the web design I did for her here. Below is the how the logo design came out for this Scarborough business.

home comfort podiatry logo graphic design artwork vector

Verity Link – Illustration and Book Cover Design (under construction 2020)

Verity Link
Verity is a disability theorist. She writes about her work, experiences and shares her personal opinions of a variety of topics.

verity link website

The Angry Dog
This site is the space in which Verity Link shares her views about her life as a disabled woman. I also did the logo design for this website.

angry dog website

Caroline Henthorne
Caroline Henthorne no longer exists. This website is the back catalogue of work she put in the public domain.

caroline henthorne website

Ink Inc Ltd
Verity Link’s company. Verity writes books as well as website content and publishes through her company. I also did the logo design for this company.

The Dovecott Manifesto
This website is the diary of a fictional young woman Cara Dovecott. I also undertook the logo design work, as you can see further down. I really loved that graphic design project.

the dovecott manifesto website

Starbright Hideaways Ltd, Goole – Website Design

I was introduced to Rachael and Leanne who own a business and hire out bell tents and marquees for all occasions. These two are really enthusiastic about their work and it is great to see such energy. They knew exactly what they required in a website design and it has been a pleasure to work alongside them both to create the finished article

starbright hideaways

Vibe / Mist Bar & Lounge / Hole in the Wall, Scarborough – Graphic Design / Illustration

A new club in town required a new logo design as a vector. This was to be used for anything from social media to large signage so needed to be eye catching to grab people’s attention. I worked from a rough sketch creation to produce what you see below. I love it! I have since done the logos for the other two pubs that this landlord has / Mist Bar & Lounge & The Hole in the wall (2020) ps. I think they enjoy trying to give me a challenge. A cracking graphic design project.

hole in the wall logo scarborough

mist bar and lounge scarborough logo

vibe, logo, scarborough, nightclub, live, music

Dobo Music, Scarborough – Graphic Design and Printing

Some stationery design and printed for this local business in Scarborough. An enjoyable project. Hopefully more graphic design projects will be undertaken in the future. Love the logo design even though I did not do that one!

dobo music scarborough compliment slip printing

Ryedale Dental Clinic, Pickering – Website Maintenance

Insight Design is contracted to maintaining the website for the practice as well as updating on a regular basis as required. In time we have a plan to design a new website. The current one can be viewed here.

Ryedale Dental Clinic website design

Ashbrowns Cafe, Scarborough – Graphic Design and Printing

A new business card was required to showcase the cafe as well as the outside catering aspect of the business. The logo design was reproduced using Adobe Illustrator.

Once that was complete the menu was re-designed for the cafe. The results can be seen below. Very pleased with this graphic design job.

ashbrowns, business card, cafe, menu, graphic design

ashbrowns, business card, cafe, menu, graphic design

Mainprize Offshore, Scarborough – Website Design, Logo and Graphic Design

Bob Mainprize called us in to design a user friendly, modern looking web design, which would prove to be effective on the search engines. You can see our latest version of this site by visiting

It has grown over the years and as well as producing a good online portfolio we have also re drawn the company logo design as a vector and printed a brochure to show off the specifications for one of their vessels.

This is a screenshot of the new website design is below. This will be the third time I have had the pleasure of redesigning this website for them. There has also been some 3D virtual tours created. This is an example.

The Fern Suite – Website design and Graphic Design

I was asked to redesign this website and include an online booking system with interactive calendar. The client were over the moon with this finished article and I wish them every success.

SPARKS Project – Website Design and Logo Redraw

sparks, project, barrowcliff, woodlands, briercliff, charity, work, helping, people, support, car

A new website design was created for this local community group. It stands for Solving Problems And Real Kickstart Solutions….

(SPARKS) is a 3-year project set up independently to help people in Barrowcliff (Woodlands Ward). Funded by The Big Local and ESF we started in October 2018. Michelle, Glenda and Emma are all qualified tutors and Life Coaches working with people in many different ways. That’s the beauty of SPARKS as it is different for everyone and so hard for us to put into words. Find out more via

Verity Link – Illustration and Book Cover Designs

I was tasked on creating a book cover for the Gospel of Puke, a disabled persons’ take on Luke’s Gospel. This will be available to purchase in due course! How amazing this graphic design project was. Very exciting times ahead!

Following on from this in Spring 2021 I created a cover for her second book titles ‘The Gilted Goddess’ as also shown below. The illustration was done on Adobe Illustrator and the content is a viewpoint of Matthew’s Gospel this time around.

“Thanks so much for bringing my book to life. I Think it looks very powerful. Best Wishes”

verity link the gilted goddess graphic design book cover

The Cask Inn – Loyalty Cards (design and printed)

I was called upon to create some new loyalty card designs for a local public house in Scarborough. I decided to undertake a more challenging approach by drawing a section of the bar on top of a photograph to make it look a bit more interesting. See below for the front and back graphic design layouts. I love this result!

Verity Link – Logo Designs

New logos designed for a publishing firm based in the UK called “Ink Incorporated” and also other ventures “The Angry Dog” and more recently “The Dovecott Manifesto”.

I am really proud how these logo designs have turned out. The trilogy is complete.


The Teasdale Touch – Logo, Stationery and Website

A logo design was firstly created to show a business with 2 different sides to it. The business restores old furniture and this is shown through the recycling arrows in the ‘a’. As well as this Emma also ‘restores’ people who have a variety of issues, hence the arrow from the ‘T’ pointing people in the right direction. This will look great on the recycled brown card! Check out the new website soon via

Cragg Hill, Bridlington – Website Design

I was commissioned a number of years ago now to design a website for Yorkshire’s best preserved Art Deco Merchant’s Mansion. Designed by leading architects Blackmoor Sykes, Cragg Hill was built in 1932 for Mr Blackstone, director of the Bridlington Steam Laundry.

Bright Future Foundation – Website Design

We were instructed to design a website for this educational charity based in Malawi. What a stunning place it really is! Amazing work by these guys. Check them out here

Staxtonbury Music Festival 2019 – Website Design and Graphic Design

We have been looking after Staxtonbury Music Festival’s website for over 10 years now and for 2019 I created a new logo design. What a fantastic local family music festival this is! We have created a website brand, which is recognised and increases in size year on year. Long may it continue. For 2021 I will be doing further graphic design projects and a new web design layout

Peter Edwards, Famous Portrait Painter – Graphic Design and Website Design

Peter contacted us in regards to setting up an online website gallery to display his artwork he has produced and to inform viewers where his work is exhibited and update them on what new work he is producing in the near future. It has proved to be most successful and shows off his work in an effective manner. Have a look at the web design, he has done some very impressive art!

Bryn Jones Associates – Website Maintenance

We have done work for this business for a number of years now and since they had a new website design produced we still maintain it as well as create backups on a regular basis. We also check for security breaches etc to ensure all data is regulated and secure for his clients on our servers.

A Green – Graphic Design

This is a book cover designed for a local Yorkshire author and is available on Amazon to buy!

Scarborough Camra Branch / Beer Festival – Graphic Design and Website Design

We were called upon to help out in regards to helping out with the publicity for the for a new annual beer festival to be held in Scarborough. Loved this on-going graphic design project.

This is the 2020 flyer I have recently designed.

camra, real, ale, cider, festival, 2020, spa

As well as producing and maintaining the website the logo was created as along with 2 flyers, a poster, a banner, promotional shirts, staff uniforms and the actual festival guide were created.

Following the success of the first festival the branch website was revamped and is updated on a regular basis and also has a members area containing minutes and agendas for their meetings. Visit the festival website here.

To the left is a copy of the flyer we produced for the 2017 festival. Below is a screenshot of the interactive pub guide showing all the local watering holes and also a page spread from the festival guide 2017. At the start of 2019 I have now created a new logo for the Scarborough CAMRA Branch as you can see below. Love it!

FC Filey – Website Design and Maintenance

We have been taking care of this client for over a decade and have re-designed the site twice now. Easy to navigate and view – what more could you ask for!

Always proud to help out this cracking local sports club!

Advanced Trees & Grounds – Graphic Design

We were contacted by a client we have done work for previously (website design) to produce a stylish new business card that would be impressive and eye catching to any viewer. This is the final outcome of the graphic design project, which they were very pleased with.

The Flaneburg Hotel, Flamborough – Website Design

I was tasked with this website many years ago and although it is simple i still quite like it. It will be revamped next year I believe as it really could do with some extra features and to enhance it on mobile devices. See here.

the flaneburg hotel flamborough website

Caffe Stop, Pickering – Website Design and Graphic Design

caffe stop website screenshot

Following an initial consultation earlier in 2017 we worked closely with the owner to develop a good online presence and enhanced their marketing by utilising social media to get the word out to more potential customers.

An example of a promotional video created for social media.

This cafe is well worth a visit I must admit and a bakery department will be opening soon as well. We will continue our excellent working relationship and hopefully take this business into an exciting direction with many ideas still to emerge. Stay tuned on this one folks! Visit and check out the new online gallery feature.

Firkin Alley, Scarborough – Graphic Design

A new events bar company formed in Scarborough and we were contracted to produce a logo (as shown to the left), business cards and a website.

They were over the moon with the outcome and gave a glowing report below. If anybody needs a bar for your function (including staff) look no further.

“Insight Design have been my IT and social media guru for about a year now during which time they have proved both knowledgeable and professional.

Nothing is too much trouble and they seem very capable of resolving most problems within minutes and with very reasonable fees.

They have the ability to simplify things and then explain them in such a way that even I understand!

I would have no hesitation in recommending these services and only wish I had come across this company sooner.”

Firkin Alley in Scarborough

Glenn Matthews Driving Instructor, Driffield – Website Design

Glenn contacted us after hearing about what we can do through word of mouth and we created an online brochure for his driving instructor business he set up, which has been going around 10 years.

As well as creating the site we photographed his car and created an interactive gallery to show it off.

Castle Magical Services – Website Design

After doing some website work for the Blackpool Magic Annual Event we were the commissioned to take on a site for one of the magicians themselves, which ran for over 10 years until retirement in the summer 2017.

This was an ecommerce site so people could purchase props and books associated with magic. The result were stunning and we wish them the very best in the future.

Ryedale Dental Clinic, Pickering – Website Design

We were contacted through a friend to come in and help get this dental surgeries website back online after a number of issues and after a number of days we had some success. Since then we have been updating the site until they are ready for a re-design to make it more mobile friendly. We have also dealt with a number of IT related issues and resolved to their satisfaction. The website as it stands is

Northern Smart Club – Graphic Design

Initial design for a new Smart Car Club logo. Below it is the final version ready for 2018!

logo design graphic design consultant scarborough

Spital Farm Craft Centre and Camping Site, Staxton – Website Design

Allan and Sandra got in touch for us to transfer their website to our servers and update it as required with a view to redesigning the site in order to make it more responsive. We have done quite a bit of promotional work and search engine optimisation as required. They even have their own pub as part of the site. 

Smarts Wholesale, Filey – Website Design and IT

This fruit and vegetables wholesaler had some troubles with their previous website so we designed them a new one a number of years ago, which is much more user friendly and responsive. Have a look It shows off their produce well with the photos we took. We have also solved a number of IT related issues for the business in order to make it more efficient.

Longmead Court Nursing Home – Graphic Design and Website Design

We were contacted by the owner of a care home in the Essex area to re-design their website and create a platform so they could do updates themselves with ease.

The result was a really refreshing design and we continue to work with them to help improve the facility they have in place.

Fight 4 Filey – Graphic Design

graphic design website consultant scarborough

A logo produced a few years ago for a local community group in Filey aimed at gaining further funding in the area for sports etc.

Ultimate Soccer School – Graphic Design

We produced this rather eye catching logo for a local soccer school, which proved to be a big hit.

Aardvocacy – Logo Design

A simple logo that I created for a charity based within the Scarboorugh area to link advocacy to an aardvark. 

Aardvocacy Logo advocacy aardvark

Services: Logo Design, Web Development Systems, Website Design, Hosting and Graphic Design. Special Covid Offer Available. Scarborough Area. Click here to find out about our cloud website hosting.

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