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Tech Weekly Podcast UK Your weekly briefing on the world of tech, focusing on news, views and a fair few digressions from staff of,, and

  • Episode 75 - The Internet of Driverless Pods (IoDP) Hands on with the iPhone X, FairPhone and Driverless Car design
    by UK Tech Weekly Podcast on 17th November 2017 at 3:14 pm

    After a lengthy hiatus we are back to FINALLY talk about the iPhone X. Computerworld UK editor Scott Carey is in the hosting chair to chat with Chris Martin, reviews editor at Tech Advisor and Macworld UK, now that we have got our hands on one. Chris talks us through what he likes and dislikes so far about the pricey smartphone.Then Miriam Harris, staff writer at Digital Arts jumps in to discuss the design principles behind driverless cars and what we can expect in the future (17:00).Finally, pod debutante Caroline Vanier, senior staff writer at Tech Advisor France talks about the FairPhone and if it is a new model for the smart phone industry (28:00). […]

  • Episode 74 - The Internet of KRACK (IoK) Wi-Fi flaws, Pixel 2 and Facebook vs cyberbullying
    by UK Tech Weekly Podcast on 20th October 2017 at 9:50 am

    David Price is back to host this week, with Christina Mercer breaking down what all the fuss about KRACK is and why you should take precautions with your Wi-Fi. Henry Burrell reviewed the Google Pixel 2 this week so gives us his thoughts on the device. You might want to avoid the larger XL though. We then discuss Facebook's idea to counterattack cyberbullying. Charlotte Jee recently spoke with the company to see what they are doing, but will it work? […]

  • Episode 73 - The Internet of Electric Sheep (IoES) Facebook's blunder, the new Kindle and Blade Runner 2049
    by UK Tech Weekly Podcast on 13th October 2017 at 11:48 am

    Episode 73 sees David Price lead Scott Carey, Miriam Harris and Henry Burrell into a critique of Mark Zuckerberg's decision to go into a VR tour of Puerto Rico. Disaster tourism at its finest/worst.Henry then discusses the new Kindle Oasis, which for the firs time is waterproof - but very expensive and quietly released.Finally we all chip in to ask why Blade Runner 2049 is quite so overtly sexist in its portrayal of women. There be spoilers. […]

  • Episode 72 - The Internet of Pixels (IoP) Google and Amazon events, Uber and the SNES Mini
    by UK Tech Weekly Podcast on 6th October 2017 at 2:21 pm

    We back. Google and Amazon introduced a raft of new products for us to drool over and, of course, apply a degree of scepticism. Jim Martin was on the ground to use all the new Google stuff and has the latest. Scott then talks us through Uber's mishaps, this time its London licence has been revoked. Will the company go public when it wants to? Finally we discuss the SNES Mini which we managed to get our hands on and why Nintendo has such low stock of all its great products. […]

  • Episode 71: The Internet of iPhone X (IoiX) Plus Apple Watch 3 and Apple TV announcements
    by UK Tech Weekly Podcast on 13th September 2017 at 3:41 pm

    This week it is all about Apple as the company announces its eagerly awaited iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus smartphones, a new Apple watch (yawn) and Apple TV news. Macworld UK editor Karen Haslam is our host this week, as she chats to a distinctly unconvinced Dominic Preston about the latest iPhone, followed by David Price on the Apple Watch Series 3, which he likes but not as much as its predecessor. Then everyone piles in together to discuss the quite-good iPhone 8, the quite-late Apple TV 4K, and all the rest of the evening's festivities. […]